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Our store is a more than just a resource for wallpaper; it is a lounge for creative, artistic development! Please enjoy our beautiful niche of art and wallpaper.

When it comes to our wallpaper, we carry everything from residential to commercial, fabrics, window and wall decals, murals, stickers, tools and more! We provide in home color consults for our customers who require an intimate one on one.

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  • Come on by and join one of our monthly wallpaper workshops.

  • Need a hanger, we have a long list of qualified paper hangers/removers to insure your satisfaction with ANY job.

  • Our Gift Shop consist of handmade home and holiday decor, jewelry, silent-wind chimes, picture frames, magnets, wall art and more! (Personalized upon request)

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Our Team


Gael Taylor -

I feel true art is characterized by the irresistible urge in a creative artist! I aim to represent not only the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance through my artistic creations. Art can be one of the most intense modes of individualism the world has ever known and is a beautiful expression of humanity as a whole. Art & design are what light up my soul.


David Taylor -

They call me “Lobster Dave”, because I specialize in selling some of the finest Maine Lobster on the west coast. In my other line of work as a general contractor, peace is a daily process: gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers and building new structures. I am a man of all trades and enjoy the act of creating with my hands! Anything “hands on”, I do it, especially when it comes to FISHING! Getting dirty is what I do and I do it with joy.


Eve Everlove -

With my ability to communicate with anyone and my artistic skills that I have inherited from my mother, Gael, I plan on becoming the backbone of this company! Making a better life for myself and for the ones I love is the MOST important thing in life to me! I am building a fire; every day I train, I add more fuel, and at just the right time I will light the match.

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Gael n Eve Wallpaper Store

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