Find out more about Gaels Wallpapers & Gift Shop by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions! Not sure how we operate, look no further! Simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

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Q? Do you carry wallpaper books?

A. Yes, we carry a large variety of books with some of the best wallpapers. You can take them home with you; a credit card is required.

Q? How long will it take to receive my order?

A. Your order will be delivered to your front door within 7-10 business days. You can have it delivered faster if needed, just ask.

Q? How can I keep updated on what is happening at Gaels Wallpapers & Gift Shop?

A. We will have updates on our website blog and you can always keep up with us through Facebook. Look for us as “Gaels Wallpapers and Gift Shop”.

Q? Do you have wallpaper for bathrooms?

A. Yes! Most all wallpaper is Vinyl coated for protection, the only wp i wouldnt suggest specifically for damp areas (kitchens/bathrooms) is grasscloth due to its tendency to mold and stain in such conditions.

Q? What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Cash, Check & Credit Card.

Q? Can I paint over wallpaper?

A. It is always best to remove the old however if you have tried and cannot you can always use an oil based primer before painting.

Q? Is wallpaper hard to put up or take down?

A. Not at all. If you have a flat, smooth wall all it takes is some primer and it sticks like magic. Even for bumpy/cracked/brick walls etc., you only need to add one more step and you have several options.

Q? When is Fabric Backed Vinyl good to use?

A. Fabric Backed Vinyl is good for high traffic ares such as hallways, hotels, etc.. It is also a visually nice wallpaper for areas where texture would add to the look of the room. It can also be applied to areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms/kitchens.

Q? Can you put wallpaper over glass?

A. Yes you can as long as you prime your glass with XIM Primer.

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